Celebrate Good Times – Boosting Employee Morale

We try to show our employees how much we appreciate their hard work and how much they mean to us. Our managers have various ways of building people up and making them feel good.

One way we find effective is to use special occasions as opportunities to provide lunch for all our staff. We celebrated the 4th of July at home with our families, but the day before we enjoyed a company-wide barbeque lunch. The administrative staff served the manufacturing employees to show our appreciation for all the hard work they do. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to keep product moving out the door.

To top it all off, we arranged for a snow cone truck to come during the afternoon break. Free snow cones were a welcome treat during the hot and humid July afternoon.

Snow Cone Truck - Celebrate Good Times – Boosting Employee Morale

Snow Cone Truck


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