CNC routers

What They Are

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routers are industrial machines that cut sheets of plywood, particle board, and MDF into different parts for use in the assembly process. At Anderson Forest Products we have the capability to cut several identical parts at once using one of these machines. Our CNC machines have an X, a Y, and a Z axis that allows for 3-dimensional cuts. We program the routers by drawing a 3-D model using specialized computer software. Then the software translates the drawing into code for the machines to read.

The programs we write tell the machines where and how to make each cut into the sheet. Our CNC operators ensure the correct drill bits and material are ready to be used. Once the program is written and the correct drill bit is in place, our machine operators only have to lay the sheet on the machine and remove the cut parts when the run is finished. Each machine holds the material in place using suction in this automated process. This ensures the material does not move during the cutting process and creates an exact cut for the customer.


Why We Use Them

It takes us less than a minute to cut ten flanges, holes and all, out of one sheet of plywood on our CNC routers. The drill bits rotate at a speed of 18,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). We can cut identical parts out of one sheet, or we can write the program to cut different parts out of the same sheet. Cutting different-sized parts can allow us to utilize as much of the sheet as possible, reducing the amount of scrap and adding to the overall efficiency of the operation. Higher efficiency lowers our costs, which our customers appreciate since it allows our prices to stay low.

Parts we cut using our CNC routers include flanges for plywood reels and end boards for roll suspension packaging. The versatility of the CNC machines allows us to write unique programs based on each customer’s specific needs. We can cut circular flanges, square end fitments, or any geometric shape a customer may need. Our CNC programmers are always up for a challenge when it comes to writing a program for a new part.

Flanges with unique diameters, start hole sizes, and bolt hole placements

Flanges with unique diameters, start hole sizes, and bolt hole placements

End boards (end fitments) in place on roll suspension packaging

End boards (end fitments) in place on roll suspension packaging













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