About Our Plastic Reels

Our line of plastic reels are a durable and lightweight alternative packaging solution for monofilament and insulated wire producers. Plastic reels  are fully recyclable.  We strive to reduce packaging costs for our customers and to reduce the carbon footprint of their customers.  Current applications include but are not limited to: producers of industrial and residential wire, with applications for electrical wiring as well as data communication cables; manufacturers of ribbon and tape; and customers that manufacture monofilament for recreational and medical applications.  We manufacture reels with various materials or a combination of materials.

Our plastic flanges range in diameter from 6 ½” to 24”.  We also offer a custom size plastic or fiber core drum based on customer requirements.

Contact us for more information or to get a quote on our plastic reels.

Best suited for:

  • Industrial and residential wire (bare and insulated)
  • Telecommunications (connectors, fiber optic cable, conduit)
  • Ribbon and tape manufacturers
  • Monofilament (fishing line and medical monofilament/diabetes testing)
  • Low-voltage outdoor/landscape wire


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