About Our Plywood Reels

At Anderson Forest Products we produce the highest quality plywood reels available.  With CNC routers that can cut flanges for all applications, we are sure to accommodate customers in every industry.  Our current customer applications include but are not limited to: producers of wire and cable, with applications for electrical wiring as well as data communication cables; customers that manufacture plastic and rubber tubing for utility and industrial applications; as well as manufacturers in the film, foam and rope industry.  We manufacture reels with various materials or a combination of materials.

Currently our flanges can be manufactured out of Southern Yellow Pine plywood and Russian Birch plywood, with a thickness ranging from 8mm to 24mm.  We also offer our cores (or drums) in a paper fiber core, plywood drum, or wooden stave barrel.  And as you can see from our photos, we offer these products mixed and matched per our customer’s specifications.

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Best suited for:

  • Wire and cable producers
  • Rope manufacturers
  • Rubber tubing manufactures (hydraulic, pneumatic, industrial applications)
  • Commercial and industrial building telecommunications (Connectors, Fiber Optic Cable, conduit)
  • Power transmission, control and distribution infrastructures (wire rope, cable and conduit)


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