The Locking Reel

Unidirectional Locking Spool for Linear Product Storage and Distribution

US Patent #US11479439B2

Anderson Forest Products, in conjunction with Anderson Travis Holdings, would like to announce the release of the Locking Reel (Patent # US11479439B2).

Our new spool design is perfect for storing, transporting, and installing wire and cable. The locking mechanism allows it to turn in only one direction, making it easy for the operator to control.

The Locking Reel

The Locking Reel pictured here has an outer flange diameter of 40 inches. The pallet keeps the outer flanges stationary while the inside flanges spin so you can off-spool your cable using our unidirectional locking technology.


This linear storage solution sets a new market standard for safety and field viability. Our customers will love that no new equipment is required to utilize this reel; you load it like a regular spool. End users who offload cable in the field will be thrilled to know the locking reel can be dispatched to their locations and dispersed from mobile or stationary platforms, no carrier required.

Using this innovative reel in the field is as simple as placing it on a pallet and pulling off the cable. The pallet keeps the outer flanges stationary, and the inner flanges can spin freely with the help of our patented locking technology as you off-spool the cable.

As with our regular line of cable reels, we can drill custom start holes, drive holes, test holes, and slots to meet your needs.

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Patent Information

Patent # US11479439B2

Unidirectional Locking Spool Drawing

Best suited for:

  • Wire
  • Cable
  • Gas tubing
  • Chain
  • Rope
  • Polyester film
  • Flexible packaging


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