Unidirectional Locking Spool (Patented)

Unidirectional Locking Spool for Linear Product Storage and Distribution

This new spool design is perfect for storing, transporting, and installing wire and cable. The locking mechanism allows it to turn in only one direction, making it easy for the operator to control.

Click the links below for more information on our patented Unidirectional Locking Spool.

US20220048725A1 – Unidirectional locking spool – Google Patents

US020220048725A120220217 (storage.googleapis.com)

Unidirectional Locking Spool Drawing


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The outer flanges support the weight of the reel and the cable or wire it’s holding, while the inner flanges spin freely from the outer flanges.

You can load your product onto the Unidirectional Locking Spool like a regular spool. Then when it’s time to unwind your wire or cable in the field, you won’t need any special equipment other than a pallet or chocks to keep the outer flanges from rolling.

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Best suited for:

  • Wire
  • Cable
  • Polyester film
  • Flexible packaging


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